School of Engineering to Launch New Multidisciplinary Major in Fall 2021

By: Eli Freund, Editorial Communications Manager, UConn School of Engineering 

Starting in Fall 2021, prospective and existing University of Connecticut School of Engineering students will have a new major to choose from—Multidisciplinary Engineering—allowing for the unique opportunity to customize their degree to their future career preferences. UConn’s Multidisciplinary Engineering program will join a small group of other engineering schools around the country to offer this unique degree.

“The advantage of Multidisciplinary Engineering is that it provides pathways for students with strong interests in fields complimentary to engineering to combine coursework in both disciplines, creating a specialization that will allow them to pursue specific employment opportunities post-graduation,” said Daniel Burkey, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the School of Engineering.

At this time, the School of Engineering is pursuing ideas for those joint curricula with numerous other schools and colleges around UConn. One of the first will be a Theater/Entertainment Engineering specialization offered jointly with the School of Fine Arts as part of the recently founded Krenicki Arts and Engineering Institute. In the months to come, the School will start to introduce other specializations as conversations with other programs progress. Working with their academic advisor, students will also be able to design their own specializations outside of the ones created through collaboration across schools and programs.

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