Frequently Asked Questions

The School of Engineering is excited to launch a new major in Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE). As the name implies, this major draws from multiple different engineering disciplines and provides students with a broad background to work in numerous engineering fields. 

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Question: What if I’m undecided? I don’t know what kind of engineering I want to pursue…

Answer: All of our engineering majors start out with a generally common first-year curriculum, so if you’re really undecided, you should choose Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE). The MDE major provides opportunities to explore all of our different disciplines, while also being a pathway to a unique engineering degree with a variety of specializations if you decide that’s where your interests are.

Question: What are the advantages of the MDE major? Why might I want to pursue it instead of one of the other majors?

Answer: MDE was designed with the idea that students with interests in fields complimentary to engineering can combine coursework in those disciplines with a broad engineering background that allows them to pursue specific employment opportunities post-graduation. We currently have three pre-made specializations in Entertainment Engineering, Industrial Design, and Human Rights and Sustainability.

Question: What if I just want to do the MDE program without one of the existing specializations? Can I do that?

Answer: Yes – the MDE degree is a standalone engineering degree that can be pursued entirely within the School of Engineering if you choose. MDE students will work with their academic advisor to select coursework that is reflective of their interests.

Question: Is the MDE degree ABET accredited?

Answer: The School of Engineering will be pursuing ABET accreditation for the MDE major during its next regular ABET cycle.